So what is "The Everyday"?
"The Everyday" is about spotlighting the things that makes everyday life amazing, expressed through a series of bright and shiny illustrations. In this series I want to focus on the value of family and community, the beauty of the nature around us, and the adventures that are hiding in plain sight. The goal is to reveal the exciting bits hiding in the mundane, and in the process of making this art renew a sense of adventure in others (even if that adventure amounts to trying a new type of bread on one’s favorite sandwich!).
The other goal in this project is to grow personally. Although I’m confident in my art, I struggle to put myself out there. I want to build the skills to confidently express how proud I am of the art I make and how much I enjoy the people around me. While I’m taking steps towards this already, I know the residency would shove me out of my box quicker than I will on my own.
Building from past works
The Everyday builds off my previous work of illustrating children’s books and providing illustrations on a rebranding project (a rebranding project that happened to serve a museum of picture book art!). These projects we’re rooted in ordinary life and all had a similar message, the value of family and community bonds, and an invitation to take part in what life has to offer.
The process!
I have a bad habit of scribbling brief ideas I don’t want to lose on sticky notes, then tossing them in my bag so future me can try and discern what was so important about a random drawing of a chicken. 
Other than my shameful storage of ideas, the process is nice and clean. Starting with the idea, I research, gather references and pick out a few colors. Research gives me information about how something might act, or how it moves. References are taken myself or pulled from books or online sources, and aren't always what you'd expect! In the past I've looked at chicken feet to draw dinosaur toes! A variety of sketches are made to prevent getting tunnel vision on one idea, and once something feels right I move on to coloring. Coloring is by far my favorite part and the approach varies greatly depending on the drawing. Once the image is complete it gets shared to the interwebs and the cycle begins again!

The Tools
My work is almost exclusively digital, and there’s no real surprises in the tools! I'll be using a Cintiq 22hd with Photoshop or an iPad Pro with procreate if I'm on the move.
(However there will be instances where I pop into other programs or mess around with traditional mediums in the name of exploration and learning!)
“The Everyday” will be shared in weekly cycles that consists of several parts. Breaking down the week there will be time dedicated to sharing sketches, streaming the process (affectionately called “meat and potato” streams), posting the final image along with the next batch of sketches; then finishing off the leftover time in the week (lovingly referred to as “leftovers” streams) by getting hands on with new programs, experimenting in different art mediums, or working on a piece that might not follow the main theme.
What will it teach?
With this project I aim to reignite a love for the everyday in others, and provide a prompt that sparks conversation about experiences and memories between strangers. By example I want to express the value in trying new things, finding the adventure in the everyday, and building a positive community.
I also want to serve as a more technical resource. I want to dive into the creative process and talk about referencing, sketching, and some of the nifty tips and tricks I’ve picked up so far. There will be time dedicated to discussing the programs I use an their tools, as well as starting from scratch and learning new programs as a group!

Long term career goals and the Residency
You might have gathered from the differing visuals in this proposal that I’m dipping my toes in various places. As I sit here now I aspire to be a Freelance Illustrator and a Motion Graphics Artist. However I’m honestly not too sure what route I want to take yet, it’s part of the reason that having this time to really get to experience different art forms is so important to me. I am excited for a future full of creating and creativity, whatever form that comes in!
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