Well here's something a bit outside my normal realm of creation! I wanted to try something new and decided to learn a bit more about animation and audio editing. 
What fun! Ended up with something completely goofy but I learned oodles and might work on more in the future.
It turned into a much larger project than I expected but it provided a unique opportunity to try and organize so much content without messing up something horribly.
Why the chicken? ...I'm not sure
An unexpected result of this project was a sharp curve in my pickiness about details, when something will only be visible for 3 seconds it really made me cut down on the time I was willing to spend fussing over minuscule flaws. I've found that this has carried into my Photoshop work and has helped me be able to keep moving in a timely manner.
And here's the first colored doodle of our feathered friend! Evolving quite a bit from her origins in my chicken gif drawings, she just seemed too cute and fit the 
goofy vibe of the project.
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