While interning at the Mazza Museum, I was given the opportunity to create an alphabet book all about the experience of visiting the museum. I worked closely with the staff and my dear friends to make something that represented the essence of Mazza.

The very first concept sketches of possible characters

It was decided early on that we wanted the characters to be animals, which brought up a rather funny discussion of what to do later on when actual staff members were added to the book. We ended up deciding on creating animal caricatures of staff members but the idea of human and animal characters intermingling was tossed around for a bit.
The very first sketches in the dummy book were rougher than what I usually make, but they fulfilled their purpose of describing the scene!
We spotlighted some of the inner workings that visitors might not see, such as the vault where the thousands of art pieces not on display are stored.
In the end the book turned out wonderfully and I can't express how much joy it gave me to see kids exploring the museum, book in hand.
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